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iOS7—Some Screens That Apple Didn’t Show You

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I love how the title makes it sound like there is some kind of agenda here. That is not the case—I downloaded the beta and as I was exploring around I took some screenshots of different screens that I thought looked interesting. I thought I would just share them on the interwebs in case anyone finds them interesting too.

Lock Screen

If you are familiar with iOS6—you know that you can double tap the home button while on the lock screen and you can access your music controls and then after a moment it reverts back to the time. I have noticed with iOS7, when you toggle to the music controls, they stick around until you double tap the home button one more time. Even after you put the phone to sleep and come back, it is still on the music controls. Personally, I like this because I use my phone for music and podcasts a lot.


Alarm and Snooze

This morning while waking up I saw this screen and thought that it looked nice. However I did have some troubles with stopping the alarm. Whenever I tried, it would put the alarm into snooze mode.


Siri Help

When on the Siri screen—if you tap on the question mark icon, you will get a bunch of examples of some things you can ask Siri. When you tap on an example you get the second screen. You can see that it is a little buggy and needs some help with rendering the text.


Contacts and Making Calls

When making a call from the keypad, you can see the numbers are nice and round. The green button now bleeds off the screen. The contacts screen is nice and windows-esque.


Outgoing and Incoming Calls

Here are the screens for outgoing (on the left) and incoming calls. The actions for an incoming call are clearer with the new copy.