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Keeping Your Screenshots Organized With Deeper For Mac

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As part of my daily workflow, it seems like I take hundreds of screenshots a day on my Mac. Whether it is to hurry and paste something into my design or save some inspirational web page. All those screenshots were filling up my desktop pretty quickly with image files.

This is what I did to help keep all those file at bay. I downloaded the application Deeper which is available for Mac. Deeper essentially enables the hidden preferences for your Apple computer.

deeper preferences

Deeper – General Tab

Once downloaded and installed—in the general tab there is a place to change the path for the computers screenshots. I just created a folder called Screenshots and directed the path to this new folder. I put the folder in the side bar of the finder window so its easily accessible.

Finder Sidebar

Finder Sidebar

That’s it. It is pretty simple. There are a bunch more hidden preferences you can change if you so desire. The only other one that I changed was for my dock position. If you there is something you do to keep your screenshots and other files organized, I would like to hear about them in the comments.

Download Deeper