The Easiest Way To Get More Sound From Your Phone


Often when I am in the kitchen cooking or cleaning, I like to listen to music. I keep a fair amount of music on my iPhone so I can always pull it out and turn it on. Well this works fine, but sometimes its hard to hear the music from the little speaker, even when it is turned up all the way.

An easy trick to get more sound from that little speaker is to just put your phone into a bowl or cup. Different materials and various sizes will produce different effects. So experiment and find something that you like.

This works well outside of the kitchen as well. The stereo in my car is broken, so I placed a cup in the cup holder and I use that for my car radio. I know, it sounds ghetto but for me it is good enough.

Obviously you can always buy a little speaker for your phone or iPod which aren’t very expensive and put it in the kitchen. For me, the bowl works fine.

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  1. Ka-Chun says:

    Amazing idea, cheers dude!

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